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E - Commerce Optimization for Medical Scrubs Disruptor

Industry: Healthcare / B2C

Role: UXUI

My first role as a UX Designer was at Jaanuu, an e-commerce brand disrupting the medical scrubs industry with fashion forward antimicrobial work apparel for healthcare workers. 

I worked to optimize various parts of the website including email capture, checkout, product display pages, etc., as well as work on new projects including designing a group ordering flow and new product landing pages. 

I began facilitating workshops with cross functional team members to really dig deeper into developing a robust customer persona. I believed that sharing knowledge about the customer between marketing, digital product, customer success and operations teams (which were previously siloed) would benefit the company as a whole in better serving the customer. This led to the creation of the first ever on-site customer discovery workshop with actual customers visiting the headquarters to partake in a festive evening of hands on activities which produced many meaningful insights previously unknown. This continuous effort provided an opportunity for me to lead a new initiative called JLABS, an innovation research team aimed at discovering unmet customer needs. 

Email Capture

One of the first projects I worked on was to analyze the existing email capture design and optimize it. I gathered conversion data for the existing design and proposed several new designs to A/B test against. The full screen takeover proved to convert the best with 7.2% of new customers providing their email address in exchange for a 20% discount code. 


Group Order

While the company was performing well B2C, a strategy was created by management to grow the B2B channel through a Group Ordering feature that would allow organizations to order scrubs in bulk for their teams. I was shown a rough mock that had been designed a few years prior as a starting point and was tasked to build a seamless flow to manifest the new business channel. 

I started by getting permission to visit in-person several organizations who'd expressed interest in a Group Order feature. I interviewed the office managers / persons responsible for ordering scrubs for their offices to better understand their current process of placing orders for their team and gathered insights into how they'd imagine a simpler more efficient way to place a single team order that included everyone's sizes, colors, and styles. Certain offices had parameters on colors and styles allowed, amongst other logistics including price, quantity, etc. 

group order flow.png

The office manager / person responsible for placing the group's order would essentially create a team shopping cart, set rules (style, color, etc.) and then share the shopping cart via email with the rest of the group. Individuals would then be able to select their scrubs from a pre-determined list and add it to the group shopping cart before a certain deadline. Once all individual orders were inside the group shopping cart, the office manager would be able to review and submit the order. 

early mock 1.png

An early mock shared with me to communicate the concept of Group Order. One thing this design did not address was the issue of collecting all the various preferences per individual (size, color, style, etc.)

early mock 2.png

An early version I wireframed to allow the office manager to set certain rules that would allow individuals make a selection from a pre-determined list. 

I worked on several iterations to launch an MVP that was rigorously user tested with the offices that I had initially intereviewd during discovery. The MVP included a short quiz type design that would help funnel the user efficiently through to conversion. 


I created a sitemap of the entire website to support efforts such as site wide font updates, documenting various pages' promotional codes, etc. 


Other Optimization Work

Landing Pages

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